Energy legislation protects energy jobs, consumers and environment

As part of her role as an energy leader at the statehouse, State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) signed on as the chief co-sponsor of legislation creating a state Low Carbon Portfolio Standard (LCPS).

“Nuclear energy is so important to my district, state, and country,” Rezin said. “Nuclear energy is responsible for almost half of all electricity produced in the state. Legislation that helps our energy producers compete, create jobs, protect the environment, and lower the costs for consumers is what we should be doing in Springfield.”

Under Senate Bill 1585, a bi-partisan piece of legislation, the LCPS would require certain Illinois electric utilities to purchase a specified percentage of low carbon energy credits from energy sources that emit zero or low amounts of carbon dioxide. This includes wind, solar, hydro, wave, clean coal, and nuclear.

“At a time where some of our nuclear power plants are in jeopardy of closing, putting thousands of jobs and local economies at risk, we need a fair and comprehensive piece of legislation that can help these nuclear facilities thrive, while not picking winners and losers,” Rezin said. “This piece of legislation does that by building a more competitive market.”

The benefits of the LCPS include:

–       An increase in renewable energy

–       Maintaining existing low-carbon energy sources like nuclear power

–       Consumer protections such as a price cap and customer rebate provision

–       Helps comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan

“The Low Carbon Portfolio Standard is vital for my district,” Rezin said. “As the Energy and Chemical Corridor of America, families rely on these power producers to support their livelihood. People across the globe rely on energy produced in my district to run their business or make dinner for their family at night. The LCPS is the right thing for our energy future, economy, environment, and consumers.”

In Rezin’s 38th Senate District alone, there are three nuclear power producers. These include the Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station in Braidwood, Dresden Nuclear Generating Station in Morris, and LaSalle County Nuclear Generating Station in LaSalle County. Rezin says the LCPS will help keep Illinois as an energy leader in the world. 

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