Grundy County Summer Internship Program Honored

Very excited to announce our Grundy County Summer Internship Program won the Partnership Award from the Grundy Economic Development Council! This program has been so beneficial to our students, employers, and communities. It allows our students to learn and get a real-world, hands on experience at some great local employers. It also creates that pipeline for our students to then work in industries in our area. The program has been very successful, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks to our local businesses and to the combined efforts of the education and business communities. Starting with a few local champions, in just three short years, the program has nearly tripled in size.

Grundy County juniors and seniors can apply for an internship. This summer, 30 Grundy County students will have a great summer work experience. While the application window has closed for the summer program, make sure to keep this link handy in the future:

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