Legislation would stop abuse of taxpayer dollars for mailed materials

Legislation co-sponsored by State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Peru) to help reduce taxpayer-funded abuses of office passed the Illinois Senate April 23 by a vote of 56-1.


“It’s outrageous public bodies are using taxpayer dollars to send mailers out just days before an election,” Rezin said. “That is a blatant abuse of taxpayer money. We have to restore the public’s trust. This legislation does that.”


Senate Bill 914 is in response to the College of DuPage sending out a taxpayer-funded mailer, days before this year’s election. The legislation would ban all units of local government and their employees and contractors from using taxpayer funds to send any promotional materials to residents during the periods of time immediately preceding an election (January 1 through the day after the consolidated election, February 1 through the day after the general primary election and September 1 through the day after the general election).

“This legislation is similar to a law already in place for Illinois constitutional officers and legislators,” Rezin said. “At a time where every public body must do more with less, it’s imperative we hold every public entity accountable to taxpayers.”

If Senate Bill 914 becomes law, violation would be a Class 4 felony and could result in forfeiture of office or termination of employment.

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