Legislation would help those with disabilities plan for financial future

Legislation co-sponsored by State Sen. Sue Rezin that would help people with disabilities financially prepare for future healthcare costs sailed through the Senate April 23.


“I think our priority – as a society and as a government – must be showing compassion to those who are most vulnerable and need help,” Rezin said. “This legislation will help those with disabilities have some peace of mind when it comes to their financial future.”


Senate Bill 1383, also known as the “Achieving a Better Life Experience” (ABLE), would allow people with disabilities to establish an account with the Illinois Treasurer’s Office to help with any future healthcare costs. The program’s plan would:


–          Allow someone with a disability to save on disability expenses incurred by that person.

–          Encourage and assist individuals and families in saving private funds for the purpose of supporting individuals with disabilities to maintain health, independence, and quality of life.

–          Provide secure funding for disability-related expenses on behalf of designated beneficiaries with disabilities that will supplement benefits provided through private insurance, federal and state medical and disability insurance.

“When it comes to the most vulnerable people among us, showing compassion is of the essence,” Rezin said. “That includes being there for them, advocating for them, protecting them, providing opportunities for them, giving them a positive life experience they deserve, and loving them.”


Sen. Rezin is a member of the Special Needs Caucus, a group of lawmakers who work hand-in-hand with people with disabilities and their advocates to establish legislation that can make their lives better.


All accounts within the ABLE program are exempt from taxation in Illinois.

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