Budget Options

Gov. Rauner outlined budget options to a joint session of legislators in the House of Representatives, during his third annual Budget Address Feb. 15.

For two years, the Governor has asked lawmakers to work with him to fulfill a state constitutional obligation to pass a balanced budget. Yet his efforts have met with resistance and a lack of cooperation, much to the detriment of Illinois citizens. Encouraged by budget talks in the Senate, he is once again is asking lawmakers from both chambers, both parties, and all regions of Illinois to come together and resolve the fiscal impasse.

On Feb. 16, a St. Clair Circuit Judge Robert LeChien ruled against a motion filed by the Attorney General to reverse his July 2015 order that said state workers had to be paid even with no budget in place. Attorney General Madigan has filed a motion Jan. 26 state court seeking to stop state worker pay until legislators and the Governor approve a spending plan.

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