Legislation aims to boost education opportunities

Two measures advancing through the General Assembly would give more opportunities to high school students who are college bound or looking for vocational training. 

Senate Bill 2527 increases access to dual credit courses for all Illinois high school students by removing limits on the number of dual credit courses a student may enroll in and how many credits a student may earn via dual credit courses. 

Dual credit courses allow students to get a head start on college, helping them to earn their degrees on-time or even ahead of schedule, while reducing the overall cost of their college education. 

Additionally, Senate Bill 3033 allows schools to apply for and receive grants for land, facilities, and equipment for vocational education programs based on manufacturing careers. The goal is to improve students’ access to career paths that require specialized training but that typically don’t require a college degree. 

Both bills are focused on enhancing educational opportunities for students while strengthening schools. 

Senate Bill 2527 and Senate Bill 3033 both passed the Senate and now head to the House of Representatives.

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