Senate Republican lawmakers join bipartisan push to pass Fair Maps amendment

This week, Senate Republicans joined a group of bipartisan lawmakers announcing the filing of a new constitutional amendment, Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 18, which would take sitting legislators out of Illinois’ legislative map-drawing process and prevent them from drawing their own districts.

SJRCA 18 includes the following provisions:

Establishes an independent, 17-member commission appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court, who is charged with drawing the Congressional and General Assembly maps.
Seven commission members will be nominated from each political party and three commission members will not be affiliated with either political party.
Allows the public to provide comment and submit maps during the map drawing process for consideration by the Commission.

Senate Republican lawmakers said passing this proposal is the first step in rooting out government corruption and would send a strong message to Illinoisans that the status quo in Springfield is no longer acceptable.

In order for SJRCA 18 to be placed on the ballot this General Election, the full General Assembly must pass it no later than May 3, 2020.

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