Rezin demands answers following IDOC policy change

State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) is demanding answers from the Illinois Department of Corrections following a press conference this week in Springfield, where the Illinois Sheriffs Association raised concerns about a recent policy change in which dangerous felons, here illegally, are being released from prison back into Illinois communities following their prison sentences without federal immigration authorities being notified. 

“Prior to this policy change, law enforcement would notify federal authorities that an inmate was being released and a transfer would take place so that the felon would then have to deal with matters regarding their legal status,” said Sen. Rezin. “Why this policy changed remains an unanswered question.”

This week, law enforcement officials expressed concerns that this policy could represent a real public safety concern, and put our first responders in unnecessary dangerous situations.

“As an elected official, my first concern is always making sure our communities are safe,” said Sen. Rezin. 

In light of these revelations, Sen. Rezin is joining her Senate Republican colleagues in demanding answers from the Illinois Department of Corrections, and has asked the following questions: 

  • Why was this policy changed?
  • Whose decision was it to change this policy?
  • Why weren’t lawmakers informed?

“This issue is simply about safety, nothing else,” said Sen. Rezin. “We must get to the bottom of this before a tragedy occurs.”

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