Governor Pritzker breaks promise to Illinoisans for the fifth time

On a Friday evening while most people were heading home from work for the weekend, the Governor once again broke a campaign promise to Illinois voters by signing his fifth gerrymandered map into law, this time pertaining to subcircuit court maps.

Earlier this month, the Legislature convened for one day as Democrat lawmakers rammed through a partisan gerrymander of judicial sub-districts, an action by the legislative branch of government that forces unwanted changes on a separate and co-equal branch of government.

According to news reports, Marcia Meis, Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, sent a memo to the Illinois Chief Judges two days following the vote saying the subcircuit legislation was railroaded through the General Assembly and is an “unmitigated disaster.”

Sen. Rezin says while it may be a new year, the Democrats’ priorities are to continue to push legislation without public hearings or input, which remains deeply concerning for Illinoisans.

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