Pritzker’s IDOC in federal contempt of court

A federal judge has held the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) in contempt of court following the state-run agency’s failure to put forth a plan to improve healthcare quality for inmates within the prison system.

Recently, a report by the federal government was released citing the abuse and mistreatment of elderly inmates and a severe shortage of healthcare providers and nurses. The report also showed poor record-keeping for the 29,000 inmates in the system.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune Aug. 10, elderly prisoners with dementia appeared “neglected” and “abused” where in some cases inmates were not properly hydrated or given assistance in eating by medical staff. The report also cites a prisoner in poor health was left on a mattress where he soiled himself without a nurse cleaning him.

State Senator Sue Rezin says, it’s shameful that IDOC can’t even produce a court-ordered plan to address the medical care needs of people in their care.

The report from the federal government also cited a shortage of doctors and nurses throughout the state agency. At one point, the report showed only one doctor assigned as the medical director for four facilities housing 4,711 inmates.

Sen. Rezin finds the number of people who have been severely impacted by the failed leadership within the Pritzker Administration as appalling, citing the Governor must be held accountable for his inaction.

This order of contempt comes as the Pritzker Administration is also confronted with leadership issues within other agencies. These issues include the death of 36 veterans at the LaSalle Veterans Home and numerous children under the care of the Department of Children and Family Services, whose agency’s Director has been held in contempt of court more than a dozen times this year.

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