Sen. Rezin highlights upcoming roadway projects, shares information on IDOT’s Highway Improvement Program

Illinois Senate Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) is highlighting the fact that a number of roadways and bridges throughout the 38th Senate District will see improvements under the recently announced six-year Highway Improvement Program developed by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

“The investments announced by IDOT are critically needed improvements to Illinois’ transportation system as too many roads and bridges have sat in dire disrepair for far too long,” said Sen. Rezin. “In the next fiscal year, the 38th Senate District will see 31 projects designed to advance safety, road conditions and transportation.”

According to IDOT’s plan, the 38th Senate District is set to undergo 22 state highway and nine local highway projects that will spend approximately $112.3 million, including $15 million for the extension of Collins Road to Minkler Road in Kendall County, for the upcoming Fiscal Year. Additionally, IDOT’s six-year plan will include another 120 state and local highway projects between FYs 2024-2028 that will see the state invest another $584 million throughout the 38th District.

“I’m happy to see the necessary funding directed to these projects in order to secure our region’s infrastructure, promote future economic development and ensure safety for motorists,” continued Sen. Rezin. “It is encouraging to see IDOT commit to long-term, cost-effective improvements that will advance travel for future generations.”

You can view the full list of projects within the 38th Senate District here.

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