Sen. Rezin reacts to new administrative rule change for FOID cards, following Highland Park shooting

Illinois Senate Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) released the following statement after the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules approved an administrative rule that makes changes to the FOID card system’s review process:

“Today’s rule change makes it clear to everyone that the Pritzker Administration accepts the fact that it had the authority and ability to enforce and strengthen our state’s existing laws and rules, which the Governor himself promised to do over three years ago.

“We all recognize the vital importance of keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals, and it is infuriating to learn that our state had the ability to prevent the Highland Park shooter from obtaining a FOID card if it wasn’t for the Administration tying its hands with its own rules.

“The fact of matter is it took a horrific act of senseless violence for the Governor’s Administration to acknowledge this reality and keep the promise he made to the people of Illinois.”

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