Draft National Broadband Map Officially Released

On Nov. 18, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially released a draft national broadband map. The map is a detailed display of locational information about broadband service availability across the United States.

Senator Sue Rezin is encouraging Illinois residents to check the draft map for accuracy by Jan. 13 as the map will be used to direct funding and efforts to improve broadband access to areas that either lack broadband or don’t have sufficient bandwidth.

Illinoisians can check their broadband coverage and performance through the FCC’s website or free app, downloadable through either the Apple App or Google Play stores. If a consumer finds any inaccurate information, they are encouraged to challenge the data through a link on the interactive map. Additional information, a video tutorial on how to make a challenge, and the links to the apps can be found at fcc.gov/BroadbandData/consumers

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