Committee Deadline for Senate Bills Approaches

The Senate is expected to return to session next week ahead of a March 10 deadline that requires all Senate Bills to be heard in Committee. While there are often-used maneuvers that still allow legislation to advance past this deadline, it’s expected to be a very busy week in Springfield as legislators seek to move their bills through the legislative process.

Several bills filed by Senate Republican members have been posted for the upcoming week and are expected to be heard in their respective Senate Committees. Once a bill gets approved by the Committee to which it has been assigned, the legislation then advances onto the full Senate for consideration before being sent over to the House of Representatives.

Last week, State Senator Sue Rezin’s Senate Bill 1460 made its way out of the Senate Judiciary Committee with a 9-0 vote. SB 1460 provides that a highway commissioner may contract with a common interest association, if the association makes up 75 percent of the township’s population or greater, to provide the association with materials related to the maintenance or repair of roads.

To find the Senate Committee schedule for next week and a list of bills to be heard, click here.

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