Rezin Calls for the Preservation of Starved Rock State Park’s Name

In light of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ (IDNR) public confirmation that the Department may be open to a possible name change of the famous Starved Rock State Park, Illinois Senate Deputy Republican Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) has filed a resolution in support of keeping the park’s current name.

“While I recognize desires to create open dialogue on issues such as naming parks and places after Indigenous peoples and their legends, I believe that this well-intended but misguided proposal will result in more harm than good,” said Sen. Rezin. “The Starved Rock name has become a treasured part of the local community’s identity and brand. There are far too many people who rely on the park’s nationally recognized name for their livelihoods.”

Senate Resolution 956 advocates for the preservation of the state park’s historic name. It notes the importance that the Starved Rock name has on the local community and acknowledges the concerns of residents and businesses regarding the potential renaming of the state park. Finally, it encourages open dialogue with relevant stakeholders, including Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities, to address concerns and explore ways to honor the park’s heritage while respecting diverse perspectives.

“It is vital that we honor the important history of Starved Rock State Park,” said Sen. Rezin. “I truly believe that there is a path to accomplish that goal in a way that preserves the park’s iconic name while respecting the heritage of Indigenous people.”

The Resolution was filed in the Illinois Senate on April 30 and is currently awaiting assignment.

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