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Senate Week in Review: May 19-23

Springfield, IL – As the General Assembly enters what should be its final week of the spring legislative session, majority Democrats appeared to be in

Senate Week in Review: May 12-16

Democrats pushed more than 30 spending bills through the Illinois House May 15; passing what is essentially the Governor’s permanent tax increase budget on to

Senate Week in Review: May 5-9

In the Senate this past week, a bipartisan auditing committee voted overwhelmingly to pursue subpoena power to investigate Gov. Pat Quinn’s troubled anti-violence initiative and

Senate Week in Review: April 28-May 2

Subpoenas, investigations and audits created an unfortunate feeling of déjà vu in Springfield as scandals swirled about the Quinn administration, overshadowing most legislative action during

Senate Week in Review: April 21-25

Springfield, Ill. – State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) said lawmakers will return to Springfield April 29, entering a month-long stretch before a scheduled May 31

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