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Senate Week in Review: November 5-9

Springfield, Ill. – Illinois voters headed to the polls on Nov. 6 and while most were focused on electing their candidates of choice State Sen.

Senate Week in Review: October 29-November 2

Springfield, Ill. – State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) said the federal government announced its approval of a controversial Cook County Medicaid expansion late last week,

Senate Week in Review: October 15–19

Springfield, Ill. – An annual audit of the state’s taxpayer-financed All Kids health insurance program shows the departments in charge of administering the program continue

Senate Week in Review: October 8-12

Springfield, Ill – A new study by the nonpartisan Civic Federation found that while the state’s bill backlog may shrink, Illinois’ fiscal situation is still

Senate Week in Review: September 24-28

Springfield, Ill. – The Teachers’ Retirement System’s (TRS) recent reduction in its expected rate of return on investments is just another example of why respondents

Senate Week in Review: September 10-14

Springfield, Ill. – After years of preparation, video gaming is about to become available in hundreds of establishments across the state, according to State Sen.

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