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EDGE program extended

Senate Bill 513, legislation to reinstate the EDGE (Economic Development for a Growing Economy) tax credit program, which has been hailed by supporters as the

New year demands action on budget

With the expiration of the stopgap budget at the turn of the year, Senate Republican lawmakers say swift and decisive action is needed to ensure

New laws in 2017

As citizens throughout the state of Illinois ring in the New Year, nearly 200 laws will take effect. A significant number of the new laws

New law to reduce recidivism

A new law signed this week will ensure that any person being released from the Department of Corrections or Department of Juvenile Justice has a

Budget update

Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislative leaders did not meet this week to discuss a full-year spending plan and necessary economic reforms. It also appears that

Governor signs energy bill

On Dec. 7, Gov. Rauner signed Senate Bill 2814, known as the Future Energy Jobs bill. Proponents applauded the measure, saying it provides relief to

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