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Consumer Alert: Massive Equifax Data Breach

<br /> <p>Illinois residents are urged to be vigilant following a massive data breach of consumer reporting agency Equifax. </p> <p>Equifax announced late last week

Schools start to see funding from state

<p>The Comptroller&rsquo;s office began transmitting on Sept. 7 $541 million in General State Aid to schools throughout Illinois. These payments contain the funds that were

Republicans lead on education reform

<p>Passed during the week by the House and Senate, Senate Bill 1947 utilizes data and widely-accepted best practices to determine how to send funding where

Great Lakes Basin Railroad rejected

<p><span>Today the Surface Transportation Board rejected the application filed by Great Lakes Basin Transportation, Inc., for authority to construct and operate a rail line in

Trust Act signed into law

<p>The Governor <span>signed legislation &ndash; known as the Trust Act &ndash; that will prevent law enforcement officials across the state from detaining individuals based solely

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