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Rezin’s Report: Nov. 10-14th

We all know every spring in our area, flooding is a major concern. We saw that first hand last year along the Illinois River. I

Rezin’s Report: Nov. 3-7th

Oil extraction companies are one step closer to beginning the hydraulic fracturing process for oil and natural gas in Illinois, after the bipartisan, bicameral Joint

Rezin’s Report: October 27-31st

In a state known for its lagging job growth and burdensome tax and regulatory environment, State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Peru) said three companies’ plans to

Rezin’s Report: October 20-24th

A federal judge sided with a longtime anti-patronage crusader, ruling that hiring practices at the state’s Department of Transportation have been so corrupted by political

Rezin’s Report: Oct. 13th – Oct. 17th

Senator Rezin Tours Chicago Charter School State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Peru) toured Chicago’s Horizon Science Academy-Belmont Charter School. “I am amazed by the science and

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