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Cutting red tape in Illinois

<p><span>Having long encouraged policies that would make it easier for employers to do business in Illinois, Senate Republican lawmakers applauded Governor Bruce Rauner&rsquo;s creation of

Poll: Voters Looking for Reform in Illinois

<p><span>A new poll of registered Illinois voters by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute released Oct. 10 reflect the public&rsquo;s view that good government reforms

Courtroom Changes for Juvenile Suspects

<p><span>The Illinois Supreme Court <a href=””>recently adopted new rules</a> that ban the use of physical restraints on child suspects in juvenile court. New Supreme Court

Reforming Medicaid

<p><span>On Oct. 13, Gov. Rauner’s Administration officially submitted a Medicaid waiver proposal to the federal government to improve state programs for behavioral healthcare.</span>&nbsp;</p> <p>&ldquo;Illinois is

Survey finds Illinoisans support term limits, redistricting efforts by wide margins

<p><span style=”color: #212121;”>A </span><a href=””>survey</a><span style=”color: #212121;”> released Oct. 5 by the Paul Simon Institute found Illinoisans overwhelmingly support term limits and independent redistricting efforts.

Illinois’ credit rating takes a hit

<p>Citing Illinois&rsquo; massively underfunded pension liability as a major financial pressure, S&amp;P Global Ratings dropped the state&rsquo;s credit rating one notch to BBB on Sept.

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